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nice Edo’s post: Foster collaboration in forming teams

A nice post from Edo:


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Certified Scrum Professional

After CSM certification… my next step…

Thanks to Funambol Engineering Team that gave me this opportunity: challenging every day my skills and our practices.

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Sprint Review meeting is always fun

What are you sinking...

Do you know that feeling when you’re doing right? When the team is working effectively and with passion, focused on releasing value every sprint?

Well, one of these moments is during the Sprint Review meetings (the good ones).

And in order to properly celebrate the well DONE sprint I had the idea to close the review meeting with some nice “agile” messages: funny and interesting at the same time.

So I have started projecting some funny videos on basic agile themes from youtube: short and funny.

Here’s the list of the latest ones by category:




Enjoy the show and celebrate your scrum meetings when it is worth to do it!

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