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User stories! user stories! user stories!

Something happened today that made me laugh and think about why I love so much user stories.
We had a old conference phone that we haven’t been never too happy about, but it was doing a kind of its job, so we kept it for long time. The other day, after a terrible call where no one could understand each other (not just because of the phone 🙂 ), we decided to replace it with a new one. One person (I will avoid any hint that could point the finger to the persons involved 🙂 ) ordered the phone and waited the delivery. Right. When the phone arrived that person asked another person to install it. The other person installed it. Right.

Today I come into the office and person1 + person2 told me happily and proud: “We have the new phone!”. “Great!” I said, “does it work well?”… Person1 + person2 looked at each other and I could see a baloon with a big question mark coming out of their heads… the user story “AS A user I WANT to make a conference call SO THAT we improve communication with remote people” was not done indeed! and I did not accept it! 🙂


January 20, 2010 - Posted by | Agile, Funambol

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