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Certified Scrum Master

Yes, I’m a Certified Scrum Master.

But here I’d like to share with you more than just that I’ve passed the online exam.

I’ve been for three days at the CSM course in Milan with Craig Larman.
He’s a great teacher and professional: the agile/scrum theory that you can learn from books cannot give you the same understanding that he will teach you.
During the three days he shares with you so many practical examples and experiences that you really understand the meaning of Agile and Scrum.

After the course I’ve been totally renewed and with this “force” in me I’ve already been able to improve our implementation of Scrum in Funambol.

The first step I’ve started with is Simplicity: Simplicity is essential (one of the Agile Principles).

I’ll update this pages with the next steps (there are many others in plan).

So… thanks a lot Craig, thanks Francesco Cirillo and XPLabs to have organized the course in Milan.

If you want to learn Scrum and Agile basics this is the course for you… then, as a second step, you’ll be entitled of membership at the Scrum Alliance and you can take the exam for CSM… like I did with 90% of right answers 😉 .


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User stories! user stories! user stories!

Something happened today that made me laugh and think about why I love so much user stories.
We had a old conference phone that we haven’t been never too happy about, but it was doing a kind of its job, so we kept it for long time. The other day, after a terrible call where no one could understand each other (not just because of the phone 🙂 ), we decided to replace it with a new one. One person (I will avoid any hint that could point the finger to the persons involved 🙂 ) ordered the phone and waited the delivery. Right. When the phone arrived that person asked another person to install it. The other person installed it. Right.

Today I come into the office and person1 + person2 told me happily and proud: “We have the new phone!”. “Great!” I said, “does it work well?”… Person1 + person2 looked at each other and I could see a baloon with a big question mark coming out of their heads… the user story “AS A user I WANT to make a conference call SO THAT we improve communication with remote people” was not done indeed! and I did not accept it! 🙂

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Funambol Mobile Open Source: The Book

Funambol Book Cover The new Funambol Mobile Open Source book is out!!!

Really awesome… by Stefano Fornari and reviewers in Funambol.

Here is an introduction to the book:

The book is composed of two parts. The first part will take you through the steps required to fully understand and deploy Funambol to provide PIM synchronization and push email solution to your mobile users. This is done step-by-step, starting from a simple personal usage scenario to a more complex environment that must serve thousands of users. All components of the platform are smoothly introduced and explained, starting from the functionality they provide. The second part of the book is more informative and will assist you in building Funambol extensions. In particular, it contains an easy-to-follow tutorial that will allow you to write a Funambol connector in a few easy steps. If you are looking forward to install and get started with Funambol, this book is for you. You need to have a technical background and be confident with a bit of code tweaking, but not a developer. General server administration skills are assumed and familiarity with Java will be a benefit in places.

Buy your copy from many online stores (Amazon included) and enjoy the Mobile Open Source world.

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