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Recently Edo, our scrum master, introduced a new initiative that I particularly like: agile lectures. From his presentation:

What is it?

30 minutes of our time every week to read and comment together some excerpts of Agile (Books, Articles, Tutorials, Videos).
We’ll start with some paragraph from the book “The Art of Agile Development”.


Because learning is an on-going never ending process, we still need to learn something and Agile is hard to maintain


With a projector in a relaxed environment with coffee, tea, cookies. Reading and commenting together. Remote people will join via webex and have virtual cookies 😉


Every Tuesday at 4.30pm until 5.00pm (CET).


In the meeting room in Pavia’s office (the cave) and via webex for remote people


Everybody is welcome to the lectures. No need to send confirmations, just come in the cave and join the lectures.

The reason why I like it so much is because we have been realizing that between agile and pragmatic agile there is a huge distance. I see pragmatic agile as the every-day agile, with the environment you are in, the people and the teams you have, the habits and cultures each group of people establishes over time. These lectures are a way to understand how agile and pragmatic agile can get closer. With this I mean that we see how things could be done differently, so that we talk about it and internalize it. I learned that at the end some people are not interested in principles or values at all. They are just interested in their daily job and in how make it better. Agile lectures are a good way to talk about real every-day experience in the context of agile practices.


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