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A bit of pride

Few days ago I was helping a developer of our community to release a new version of the exchange connector; since it was the first time in releasing components with maven I was helping him via IM.

We ran into a problem when releasing: maven was compiling everything, running the tests, but failing in producing javadocs. A quick check highlighted he was using a JRE instead of a full JDK. This was a bit surprising to me, as I thought a JDK was necessary even to compile the source code (it was so with earlier JREs), but even more surprisingly was his comment:

I do so much funbambol development, that’s where my java home is

WOW! he had his JAVA_HOME set to the JRE we distribute with the server… It was late night, but this made my day; actaully, it made my week and even my month! I am going to add it to our Bugzilla’s quips (phrase of the day) ! 🙂


April 20, 2009 - Posted by | Funambol

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