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Release planning started

It is time to plan the new release! Countach is the codename of the next Funambol release. We will make an entire iteration (2 weeks) of release planning with the goal of coming out with the release backlog for Countach and the iteration planning for the first iteration of the release.
Good luck to all the team! I am very excited and look forward to seeing the fruits.

For who curious about how we do it, we grouped the teams in different areas of the office. In the center (ideally) we put the product owner so that when teams need to discuss a US they go to the PO’s desk. The first task is to roughly estimate the USs in the backlog so that the PO can start putting them in the release backlog. This will drive additional investigations when needed or the process of splitting epics into USs. The fact that the release planning is time-boxed should make emerge what’s is more important from a business standpoint. In fact, if something cannot be evaluated in time, it won’t very likely go in the release (ok, we can make exceptions, but thoses will have to wait the iteration planning anyway and at that time, the planning will be time-boxed in one day only!).

I’ll keep you updated 😉


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