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Our feedbacks for the Results Day

In November we have been part of a great event here in Italy: the Italian Agile Day.

One of the interesting thing the community has proposed is the “Results Day”: a way to share the experience of practicing the learned lessons from the conference – good and bad news to report.

In our experience we have some good news and I’ll focus on these in this post.

First of all we have learned that shorter iterations could help us a lot. Until now we have worked in 4 weeks iterations and the teams haven’t been so reliable in their commitments as you can see in the following burndown chart (an example from the previous release).

So, also convinced by something heard at the conference we have switched to 2 weeks long iterations… and very soon we have seen the following great results:

  1. user stories are now really small (we didn’t find yet a user story that cannot be split in smaller ones and therefore allow us to include in an iteration so short)
  2. teams are more in control of what they commit and therefore more reliable
  3. due to both the above results, we are starting now to work applying the right iterative development approach

And the burndown chart of one of the iterations of the new release is….

From 50% of completed story points we have now the 90% (I think we’ll always have a 10-20% of uncertainty in commitments but it can be acceptable in my opinion).

That’s all for the good news… in the next post we’ll tell you about what still concern us in our approach to agility…


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