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Iterative development and uncertainty… and the snowman

Jeff Patton in his presentation “Embrace Uncertainty” (see here the video from InfoQ), from the Communitech Agile Event, shows nice slides and interesting concepts I’d like to share with you.

First of all I like the snowman metaphor 😉


Then I like the way he explains the iterative development:

Incremental Iterative

And, really important, how to make understand the “you’ll get what you get when you get” idea to the product managers, stakeholders and customers?
In other words, how to deal with the uncertainty of knowing what you’ll get in a release coming from to the agile approach of iterative development: you are allowed to remove features if not fitting the iteration and/or the release timeframe, but product managers usually want everything and are not happy about it.

“You cannot build a bus with a missing feature like breaks because of agile adoption!”

Jeff shows some strategies to solve this common issue and I have to admit that I’d like to apply them asap in our environment… pragmatic and agile at the same time: prioritize the goals, don’t choose your solution too early, build up feature quality iteration by iteration.

Here is also a blog post by Jeff about “Why knowing what you want in agile development may be an impediment to getting it“.

Thanks Jeff, I really enjoyed the presentation!


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